What is a SantaText and how much does it cost?

SantaText is a sequence of 3 personalized messages from Santa. The Cost is only $9.99. The sequence of messages seem to come from Santa Claus & you can choose the date & time the messages are sent. We have incorporated a no reply option to keep the receiver from being able to respond to the message. Standard Text rates will apply for the end user.

How soon should I order my SantaText?

You can order your SantaText four hours in advance of your first messages scheduled time.

Who can receive SantaText?

Anyone with a mobile phone that receives text message under our supported carriers.

What time do SantaTexts occur?

When you input the information for the SantaText you will be prompted for a date & time to be entered. The messages will be sent when you designate them to be sent.

What does the SantaText say?

There are Three pre-set Theme Packages that may be chosen.

Below are an examples of the text themes(3 per theme) in action.

These were sent to a lucky little eight year old girl named Sally Sue from St. Louis, Missouri who has a dog named Tank.

Santa Chit Chat

Sally Sue my silly elves lost my list of good boys&girls Mrs Claus told me ur on the good list so I wont forget 2 stop n St. Louis 2 dlvr ur gifts luv Santa

Sally Sue everything is n place 4 Christmas Eve.All the presents r loaded & all the reindeer r ready. Rudolf said please leave out a carrot 4 him luv Santa

Sally Sue I had a great idea 4 ur present just perfect for a 8 old Girl. I hope your Dog Tank is well. I cant w8 4 christmas luv Santa

Rudolph’s Story

Sally SueI would’ve txtd u sooner but silly Rudolph 8 my cell phn. I hope your Dog Tank is well. I Can’t wait 2 bring u ur gifts,luv Santa

Sally Sue Rudolph just had his nose polished so it’s really shiny.He wanted 2 make sure he could see ur house n St. Louis. I’ll text you soon, luv Santa

Silly Rudolph got sick tdy he forgot 2 wear a sweater n flght maneuver class.I knw ur a good Girl & alwys wear ur coat outside Keep it up luv Santa

Santa’s Journey

Hi Sally Sue It snowed a foot here@ the North Pole! Elves had 2 dig my sleigh out of the snow Hope the weather n St. Louis is good.cu soon luv Santa

Sally Sue, I Just stopped in Australia & got 2 ride a kangaroo b4 I left.On my way again gotta go I hope your Dog Tank is well. Luv Santa

Sally Sue,Mrs Claus 4got to pack me a snack!Cookies & milk r my fav could u leave some out for me I’ll be in St. Louis soon.U better get some sleep,luv Santa

Can I use this service if I live outside of the United States?

No. Available only in the United States.

What does the "160 Remaining" below the Message box mean?

Just like when you send a text from your cell phone you are limited to 160 characters. Santa has those same limitations 160 character messages is all that can be sent through SMS.

What time zone does the message get delivered in?

Central Standard Time (GMT-6) Please leave Santa a minimum of two hours to guarantee delivery time of the message.

How come I can not select the message to be sent on Christmas day?

There is an option for that at the end of the form to have a message sent christmas morning for an additional $0.99

My child did not receive the messages I scheduled for them?

There may be a block on your cell phone or child's cell phone plan from your carrier. Call your carrier and have them lift the block from "Short Code" incoming text messages. Email one of Santa's elves at Santa@textsanta.net and your message can be rescheduled.

Watch a short video on how to schedule your Texts from Santa

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